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No Dogs in Space

Jan 28, 2021

It’s Q&A week on No Dogs in Space as Carolina and Marcus take listener questions and give a peek behind the curtain, along the way recapping some of their favorite moments from the premiere season on Punk..


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Jan 15, 2021

As we begin to wrap up this Season, we conclude with the final chapter of our 2 part series on one of Punk's most influential groups, The Screamers, following the band as their lineup expands, leading up to the final anxiety inducing performances that defined their legacy.


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Jan 7, 2021

To kick off the first half of our final series for this season, we're taking a deep dive into the worlds of performative and synth punk with the formation of one of the most influential yet unusual bands to grace the LA Punk scene, The Screamers..


Taking us out: The Freakees - Sell Out


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